More smoke screens and mirrors?

Arms of North Yorkshire County Council

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You will be lucky if you can find a town centre these days that isn’t wrecked, on an almost weekly basis, by the blight of the ‘Booze Britainyob culture. The market towns of peaceful and rural North Yorkshire are no different from the inner-city areas, in some ways it is often worse.

North Yorkshire County Council : A crackdown on under-age drinking has been launched in Northallerton in an attempt to stamp out anti-social behaviour. North Yorkshire County Council Trading Standards and Planning Services are joining forces with neighbourhood police and local licensees for the county’s latest Alcohol Respect Campaign. (Read more)

As the town has been overrun most nights with pissed skiprat hoodies since the press release was issued, I can only assume the media management team and the delivery teams must have got their campaign start dates mixed up!


About Dave Hasney

National Coordinator for UK SMART Recovery - Previously a Recovery Worker and prior to that a Management Consultant and H&S Practitioner - Kept sane by Angling, Good Food, Real Ale & Wine - Cynical thoughts sometimes developed from others.

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  1. What comes after these bingers leave our town centres? There is nothing else left in ours.


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