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Disparity in Redundancy Figures?

North Yorkshire Police

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[tweetmeme] Continuing with the theme of redundancy born out of government austerity measures (see so much more than job losses); despite the fact it still appears to be yesterday’s news, I found some of the figures relating to those redundancies in North Yorkshire interesting. I feel the need to ask the police and political leaders of the County some important questions…

Why the apparent disparity in redundancy figures across the public services of North Yorkshire? Are some areas within our local authorities more efficient (or important) than others? Do the figures involved actually represent the true numbers of people required to perform a task? Why the apparent urgency to implement cuts in one area of these services and not the others? What consideration has been taken of public opinion? Are the figures I can find on the internet a true reflection of the situation or, have they been ‘massaged’ in any way? And if so, for what reason? Is the police force really as over staffed as the Chief Constable and his local political side-kicks would have us believe? Who is protecting who and for what reasons?

Staffing / Organisation York City Council N.Yorks County Council North Yorkshire Police
2011 Establishment 5,350 24,000 2,946
2012 Establishment 5,200 23,670 2,586
Redundancy Plan (Yr1) 150 330 360

So many questions and there are probably more, pity we never seem to get any straight answers? That’s politics for you I suppose!

Just thought I’d ask?