Gateway to Yorkshire Dales Born in the South but moved to Yorkshire as a child and have lived & worked in the area ever since…

I originally trained and was employed in management roles within the hospitality and retail trades but subsequently became a police officer.

After a lifetime of being in and around the booze industry, firstly as a purveyor, mostly as an enforcer and often as a consumer; I now work within the substance misuse and addictions field. More than many perhaps, I have witnessed most of the ill effects and impacts that over indulgence has on individuals, their families and society as a whole. It doesn’t have to be that way…if/when we make the right choices in life.

My first venture into blogging, more than ten years ago now, was by necessity under the nome de plume of Alf Ventress, whilst still serving as a Police officer. Those old notes are now gathering dust in a broom cupboard at the now derelict Ashfordly Police Station.

During my thirty years service with the North Yorkshire Police I worked in both operational and administrative roles, with a predominant community policing remit. In addition I also held the position of Workplace Safety Officer and was a Staff Representative working as the Deputy Leader on Health & Safety matters for the North Yorkshire Police Federation. In addition I was a member of the Territorial Army for just short of fifteen years.

Towards the end of my police career I gained Health & Safety qualifications with NEBOSH and IOSH. I had a brief self-employed foray into this field on retirement from policing but, mostly due to financial reasons and constantly chasing unpaid invoices, I subsequently returned to hospitality management.

I no longer have to worry about loosing my livelihood, simply for having an opinion or expressing a view. Despite having moved on from my original reasons for blogging, I continue to maintain a blog because I also find it therapeutic. It is also a convenient conduit for sharing of thoughts ideas and opinions.

I hope you find something of interest during your visit.